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Where you know you will pass.

We at Top Notch Boot Camp developed a new unique way of preparing our students for their Step 1.  We prepare our students mentality, spiritually and physically towards their upcoming exam.  We will not allow you to think you can pass, we will train you to know you will pass at a Top Notcher.  

 Phase 1 

We train our students to comprehensively learn the High-Yield Basic Sciences concepts during our live lectures.

The program also integrates an unique training method geared towards enhancing and improving students memories.  Students will be trained to absorb and retain High-Yield information.


In the Top Notch Boot Camp we train and postively reinforce our students mentality that success is the only option.

The NBME Assessment exam is included to help students evaluate their progress for each phase.

Our program has 7 weeks of Live Boot Camp lectures that will confidently prepare you for the High-Yield basic sciences.

Tutors are available at an extra cost if a student needs more one on one self focus (Please email for details).

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