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Gourmet 2 Go

 Gourmet meals prepared just for YOU !


Whether you are always on the go or getting in shape, a busy medical student, a new resident, or a seasoned physician, an athlete or health activist, Gourmet 2 Go has meals for you !



Do you want to ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS? Live a LONG ACTIVE LIFE? Then your health matters and it is time you took matters into your own hands….well almost your own ;).


We want to HELP YOU achieve your desires ONE HEALTHY MEAL AT A TIME.


For you to be productive and maintain high performance while living a long healthy life, you need to begin with eating better. Your body is what you put in it.


Gourmet 2 Go was born when a medical student/entrepreneur always caught up with a busy schedule realized there weren’t too many cost-effective yet healthy meal plan alternatives. In business and in medicine every second count. Every second of your time matters and the less time you spent on groceries and making food, the more productive and focused you can be for your tasks.


We cater to medical students, physicians, interns, families, entrepreneurs, athletes, trainers, bankers, nurses and many more.


Let us take a load off of your life and be your extra helping hands.




Small Meal $5 

Large Meal $7

  • 7 Day Meals (2x/day)

    • 10% Off

  • 14 Day Meals (2x/day)

    • 15% Off

  • 30 Day Meals (2x/day)

    • 20% Off​

Meal Options: Vegan, High Protein, Vegetarian, Low Carbs, Halal, Kosher.


Menu Style: Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Western, Nigerian and much more.



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